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4A6V0 Variable Speed Heat Pump


We’ve taken the future of home comfort to new levels with American Standard AccuComfort TM  system. The only thing you will have to do is set it.  The system takes over from there as it automatically adjusts itself to run at an optimal, efficient speed AccuComfort maintains your ideal comfort level no matter what the weather is like outside

System Efficiency Rating

  • Platinum 20 up to 21 SEER/10 HSPF


  • 10 Years on the outdoor coil, and 10 years on internal functional parts.
  • 12 Years on compressor

TAM8 and TAM9 Platinum Series Air Handlers


Our most innovative offering is also our most efficient. It features a variable-speed motor and integrated humidity control through Comfort-RTMtechnology, and a uniquely designed cabinet to help prevent energy loss and condensation.  Platinum TAM8 and TAM9 models also include advanced communication features for a perfectly optimized matched system.

Works best with:

  • AccuLink™ Communicating Connected Controls


  • 10 Years Limited Warranty on Coil and Functional Parts with registration*

Platinum Series Gas Furnace

Our most efficient and powerful gas furnace just might be our most comfortable too.  With AcculinkTMcommunicating capability, continuous Comfort-RTM mode and an array of other innovative features, The Platinum Series gives your home maximum efficiency with controlled comfort

Works best with

  • AccuLink™ Communicating Connected Controls & Steam Humidifier

Platinum Series Package Unit Systems

Platinum 16

The ultimate in comfort is also the ultimate in efficiency. With a variable-speed motor Comfort-Rtmtechnology and a wide array of other innovative features, products in our Platinum Series enhances humidity control, eliminate temperature variances and increased energy savings.


  • The VorticaTM advanced airflow system.