Busting 3 Myths About Summer HVAC Usage

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These 3 Myths About HVAC Systems are Costing You Money!

As summer temperatures continue to rise, it’s important to distinguish truth from falsehood when using your HVAC system. There are many common misconceptions that can result in energy inefficiency, increased expenses, and unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment. In this article, we will dispel three misunderstandings about summer HVAC usage, offering reliable guidance to improve your cooling efficiency.

Myth 1: Leaving the AC on all day is more efficient than turning it off and on

Many people believe that running your AC all day, even when you’re not home, is energy efficient. However, this is not true. It can waste energy and increases your electricity bills.

Instead, it is recommended that you invest in a programmable thermostat, which allows you to schedule cooling based on your daily routine. By turning off the AC when you’re away and programming it to turn on before you return, you can ensure comfort while saving energy and money.

Myth 2: Closing vents in unused rooms saves energy

You might think that closing vents in rooms that you’re not using is a good way to save energy, but it can negatively impact your HVAC system’s performance. Modern systems work best when all vents are open.

If you close vents, it can disrupt the airflow balance, create increased pressure in your ductwork, and potentially strain your system. To ensure proper airflow throughout your home, keep all vents open and consider getting a zoning system to customize cooling for specific areas.

Myth 3: Ceiling fans cool the room, so you can raise the thermostat temperature

Ceiling fans circulate air, creating a cooling sensation, but they don’t lower the temperature in the room. Instead, they cool your skin through evaporation. It’s important to know that ceiling fans only cool people, not the entire room. To save energy without sacrificing comfort, use ceiling fans together with your AC and raise the thermostat temperature by a few degrees.

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By dispelling these myths, you can ensure a cool and comfortable home while reducing energy waste and keeping your HVAC system in excellent condition throughout the summer season.

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