Fall Furnace Tune-Ups – Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold This Winter!

Getting an annual furnace tune-up and maintenance check prepares your heating system for peak performance and efficiency all winter long.

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing, and the crisp morning air is beginning to show its frosty self once again – autumn is upon us! This means it’s time for homeowners to start thinking about winter preparation like a tune-up for your home’s heating system.

You may think it’s a bit early for a furnace tune-up, but your heating system will be working hard this winter and it has likely sat dormant for quite some time. A little bit of preventative maintenance before the cold arrives can go a long way to ensuring comfort in your home this winter!

Here are some excellent reasons to schedule a furnace tune-up this fall:

Efficiency – Dust, debris, and lint will build up over the course of the year inside the components of your heating system. This restricts airflow by increasing drag on the blower motor and greatly reduces its capacity to heat your home effectively. Scheduling a tune-up with Patriot Services can clear all this out and ensure a perfectly working furnace this winter.

Safety – A furnace tune-up allows a technician to thoroughly inspect your gas lines, exhaust venting, and operational components. They can uncover small issues like leaks or improper venting that could eventually lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. Also, testing all the safety switches and sensors ensures your system will shut down if needed to prevent overheating hazards. Identifying and fixing little problems now improves the overall safety of your furnace for peace of mind. You’ll have confidence knowing your family is protected from potential operational issues during the heating season.

Reliability – Diagnostics tests help identify parts that are wearing out before they fail completely. Replacing filters, worn ignition parts, corroded fittings, leaky gaskets, etc. improves the overall reliability of your furnace. You avoid getting stuck with an emergency repair on a bitterly cold night!

Longevity – Comprehensive servicing lubricates components, verifies proper calibration and functionality, reduces friction and wear, and keeps your furnace operating like new for longer. Conducting regular maintenance ensures that you won’t have to replace your furnace prematurely.

Warranties – Some manufacturer warranties require annual tune-ups to remain valid. Even if yours does not require one, a well-maintained furnace lasts longer and heats your home much more effectively.

Energy Savings – Fine-tuning, burner adjustments, replacing filters, and cleaning can improve your furnace’s efficiency. This means it will use less energy to produce the same amount of heat all winter long, which can save you heaps of money on your energy bills. Who doesn’t like savings?

The bottom line is that a small investment of time and money on a pre-season tune-up can go a long way by saving you from headaches and costly repairs when you need your furnace working at its best. Why take chances heading into winter with an inefficient, unreliable heating system? Protect your home and family this winter – Call Patriot Heating & Cooling at (423) 805-9848 or submit a contact form on our website to schedule your furnace tune-up today!

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