Is Hydro-Jetting Safe?

is hydro-jetting safe

Clearing clogged pipes can be no less than a hassle. While there are different ways to clean up the clogs, most techniques damage the pipes. But hydro-jetting is a chemical-free method that only uses a pressurized stream of water to clean.  While the eco-friendly process doesn’t corrode your pipes, the big question remains; is hydro-jetting safe for old pipes? Let’s find out!

Hydro-Jetting for Older Pipes

Many homeowners fear getting drain clogs cleared by hydro-jetting as the pressurized stream of water may cause strain on the pipes. However, cleaning up drains is important, or it could lead to slow drainage, foul smell, and whatnot. While you may consider snaking as an option, it isn’t entirely safe either. Snaking puts just as much strain on the pipes as hydro-jetting. Not to mention that it sometimes leaves behind residual clogs. This means your drains aren’t cleaned entirely, and you’ll face clogs more frequently. On the contrary, finding chemicals that can clean your drain without causing damage, especially in older pipes, is next to impossible. 

Typically, if your pipes have become fragile, it is best to get them replaced. Still, professional plumbers consider hydro-jetting a safe solution as the pressure of the water is just enough to dislodge the blockage without causing excessive strain on the pipes. 

Even if you have older pipes, hydro-jetting can be used. You could say that instead of the age of the pipes, their condition is what matters the most. Most people automatically assume that if you have older pipes, they will be weaker. However, this isn’t true. Regular maintenance allows your plumbing lines to stay in excellent shape, even as they age. The only instance that makes hydro-jetting unsafe is when your pipes have already sustained considerable damage. 

How to Tell If your Pipes Can Withstand Hydro-Jetting

Plumbing lines aged over 50 years are considered old. However, that doesn’t make them unfit for hydro-jetting. As mentioned earlier, the condition of your pipes is the key factor determining whether hydro-jetting is safe for your pipes. It is best that you let a professional plumber assess the condition of your pipes before going through the drain cleaning process. 

Get Hydro-Jetting Done by Patriot Services

Is hydro-jetting safe? Most definitely, but only when done by a professional. It is one of the most efficient methods for dislodging clogs, even for older pipes. Get hydro-jetting done by Patriot Services to resolve all clogging issues. And if you’re worried about the condition of the pipes, our team will make a thorough assessment to ensure your pipes are fit for hydro-jetting. Reach out to us today by calling us at 423-498-2619 for more details.