When to Schedule AC Tune-Ups

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When your car is constantly being used, it needs tune-ups. Your air conditioner is no different. It also needs professional attention every now and then, particularly when it gets hot, to ensure optimal performance. But the big question is when to schedule AC tune-ups. If you’re wondering the same, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about when and how frequently you should schedule air conditioning tune-ups.

When is the Best Time for AC Tune-Ups?

Air conditioner tune-ups are best done during spring. The weather is warm but not hot enough, making
it an ideal time to get your maintenance done by professionals. And getting the tune-ups in spring
ensures your cooling system works in full swing as the days get hotter, allowing your home to become
cool and comfortable.

How Often Should Your Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

All air conditioning units should be cleaned regularly throughout the years, with some check-ins every
now and then. However, a complete tune-up should be scheduled at least once a year. Doing so ensures
your air conditioner performs efficiently. Plus, it also helps extend your AC’s life. And there are fewer
chances of breakdowns, saving you from needless hassle.

Why Avoid AC Tune-Ups in Winter?

Many believe winter is the perfect time to schedule air conditioning tune-ups. But HVAC professionals
do not recommend this practice. Since your AC has oil in it, it may not work as it should during the
colder months. In fact, there’s a chance your air conditioner might sustain damage, and that is the last
thing you want.

Why Avoid AV Tune-Ups in Summer?

The start of summer might sound like the best time to schedule AC tune-ups, but that’s when HVAC
professionals are the busiest. You might find it difficult to find a reliable service provider to service your
air conditioner. That’s why it is best to get your AC tune-ups done during spring before it gets too hot.

How Long Do AC Tune-Ups Take?

When to schedule AC tune-ups? Spring! But how long does it take?

Typically, it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. However, the total time may vary depending on several
factors, including the time that has passed since the last tune-up. If you don’t get annual services done,
it might take longer.

The size of your home and the type of AC you have also determine the time it takes to complete the

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